Welcome to 537's & 819's Equipment Care Center

Here's we-uns in cuzzin Billys worshop. We dont git invitid hear too much, and we have to stan by the door with our hans in our pokets, but its ok cuz we hav hour own work shop. Cuzzin Billy is reel smart.

Well anyhows, this hear page is about us, so First, we-uns'll show yew how we takes care of hour tue-way radyos, and then we kin show you how our plase, were we-uns fixes all kine of stuff. we-uns do all the too-way raydio work for the hole country of arkansaw.
Hoo-Whee Bubba! Here's how we-uns takes care of our Two-Ways!

Regency U150B mobile 2-way radio

We-uns borrowed this here ol' poh-leece raydio so's we could lissen for the revenooer's! We had some kin' o' troubl wit it, but we fixed it, but then a possum up and dragged the speaker off. Now we-uns cant fine the screws.

Realistic Pro-2202 Scanner

Yep. this hear ol' boy's ben threw a fahr when the still blew up, and its still a-tickin'

We-uns had to rip the case of'n it 'cause it was all a-melted down like.

Since the case was all a-melted like, we had to glue the volume controls on. Cuzzin Billy made sum glue from sum possum renderins and coffee grouns. He is reel smart.

Here's a nice picture our cuzzin Billy took. He takes all o' deese pitures.

We couldn't git the antena off'n it, so we whacked it off with sum pliers an its reely better now cuz we can just stick a coat hanger in the hole and it works reel good with sum foil on it, like the TV.

Realistic Pro-33 Scanner

We-uns put this one back toogether but the lock buttin is missin. Damn ol' possum!

We had too fix this one too and make a special wire for hookin it up to the truck battery.

We made this here nice big hole for the wire from the truck battery. We did the job right and did not skimp on the wire, so we used a weldin wire for it.

That possum also et up this here instructions in the battery holder, but its ok, he only chewd up where the writin wuz an lef the pictur wich is the best part.

Now, heres we-un's work shop, the 2-Way Care Corner.

Here is 537's work bench. He dos the testin and takes care ov the test meters and stuff. You kin see we hav alot of biziness.

Here is another shot. Folks around these parts say they have never seen anything like it, and this must be the finest work bench in the whole country of arkansaw. It sure has more fancy equipment than any we ever seen, except where cuzzin billy works, but we are not allowed to go there any more.

Here is 819's work bench. He fixes most all the TV sets for folks roun here. and you can see how good of equipmunt we use to make sure everything is done just rite!

Here's a close-up of this beautiful work area. Notice the good liting above the bench. Its impotent to hav good litnin over the bench, so's yew can see good, and be sure to get all those ol mud daubber nesstes out of the customer's TV sets. Also, noteice two of out customers TV's ready to go. These are almost new, modern black and white sets, and the bottom one is the biggest screen for 10 miles. No one round here has a color set yet, but we are ready to take care of them if we need to. cuzzin oscar sez color TV is just a fad, and only city-slickers would waste money on sech things anyway. Cuzzin billy gave us a book wich has lots of picters of what is wriong with the color TV screens, and wich tubes to replase.

We-uns take grate pride in our nowlege ov electrizity, and we hav spesully wired our place, with all kinds of ottomatic stuff, like this here sofisticaed control sysum which turns the lites off and on as if by magic. Cuzzin billy sez he never seen anything like it, and was sure impressed we did it with just one old radio tube and bunch of TV remote controll parts.

Here's our well an pumphouse. we hav 2 pumps. The big tank on the left was part ov the still, but since it blew up, our uncle willy, who iz also our half cuzzin, and isz a big man in washinton, made us promise not to make any more wisky, as long as he sens us sum every week. The green hose gose to the commode or the sink, whichever window it gose into. We are fortunate to be hi-teck here and dont have to carry buckets of water or use the ol' outhowse like some poor folks.

We here at the 2-Way Care Coner do our best tew mak sur the custmer has a good esperince wen they come here. We put up these speekers around, so's they kin lissen to nice cuontry music wich we play on 8-track, wile they wait fer us to fix ther stuff right up. Yessiree bob! they kin set rite in ther pickup trucks and have a nice beer or we-un's'll let 'em have a little of Uncle Willy's wisky and they kin relax and lissn to the banjo music!!