SUN is Evil!!

Need more be said?

DANGER Will Robinson..
(" Oh but it must be true; I found it on the Microsoft Network (or was it AOL?)!")

Vicious, Meaningless Rant about SUN:
Oh yes it is evil, it really is.. you see it runs that "sort of" unix software and well, we just can't have that now can we? Oh nooo nooo nooo... Only the true 64-bit Digital UNIX for the Alpha is worthy.. I mean, well, not quite as worthy as OpenVMS but very worthy in its own right, hey I don't make this stuff up! I saw it on TV, or was it on a VT... Hmmm.. I'll have to check that out later.. Hey, at least SUN is "not" IBM, and also it is "not" Microsoft.. so it's just not as evil as the other two.. Lets see, if IBM is the devil's bagpipe, and Microsoft is the devil's hacksaw, Is SUN the devil's desk lamp? Is this fun or what? Hey, I dragged this SUN 4/280s home.. they said,"nice rack" and "nice 9-track".