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Fry's Electronics Customer Education Society

The U.S. Chapter of F.E.C.E.S., the Fry's Electronics Customer Education Society, is an association of Information Technology Consumers and Professionals interested in computer products, services, policies, attitudes, and technologies which may be found in Fry's Electronics retail stores.

We do not work for, and are in no way affiliated with, Fry's Electronics, and are an independent and free society comprised of Fry's customers and potential customers.

The Association's purpose is to promote the unimpeded exchange of information, with the goal of helping its members and their organizations to be more successful in obtaining good service and product from Fry's Electronics.

The chapter provides members with the means to communicate their experiences with Fry's Electronics, forums for technical discussion, mechanisms for providing up-to-date information, and opportunities for informal discussion and interaction with colleagues of like interests.

F.E.C.E.S. U.S. Chapter Mission Statement

The purpose of the Chapter is to promote the exchange of information among people interested in fry's electronics and their products, services and technologies; to advance the interests of fry's customers; and, to help them, and their organizations, be more successful in interaction with the Fry's Electronics organization at large.


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