11/08/94 21:14:29 From [keeper of the coaxial cables] cable installer [and the amplifiers] yes, but did u comprehend? I wheedle realities of the http://www.concous.effort.neuro.bob.com, walking upon spectrally complete{therefore infinite in spectrum} sidewalks of thought, noticing the great red meat wheel off to the side, never quite fully in view.
To plagerize:
Exhale in time to chckoo clock,
Pleasant grove whiskey drip on linoleum
End plagerization
while Rather speaks: "the white haired old bag or the shrewd crook, which will it be?" trivial crap flows in torrents THROUGH alumnized glass and FROM paper cones! Whatch out for that bezel, bub. BEEZLE-BUB is upon U! the current simulation devolves into mere fractal-image-remnants, while code geeks chortle on incomprehensibly higher planes. Even they are simulated! box in a box, codes in codes, infinite magnitudes of what is precieved as reality by those in each "level"{term used loosely}. I, the drool of the percieved universe, drool universes! universes of drool drooling universes of drool! Sharply viewed smoking long cigarettes and exhaling permutating acrylic magi to satisfy the ends of some unknown means. trinity river bottom flow; The toilets in McDonald's GOTO the jars of healthy stuff in nutri-mart! pre/post process, simulated in simulated realtime. The universe is controlled by an old minicomputer with 8K of core memory! This IS the meaning.