The thermostat was well-affixed to the wall as it became the immovable object, sandwiching my hand between itself and the load of 43.3 Kg cartons on the wheeled cart passing 2" from the wall. Flesh was impresed into the small recess in the injection molded thermostat-cover-hinge (that is, the real cover, not the fake plastic anti-tamper thingie designed to keep corporate wusses out), and upon examination was found to contain the DNA. Corporate wisdom dispersers embodied in One have visited upon us as such confer with bosses and examine numbers in the most cleverly devised scrutinary means. I log time and do my job as presented unto me at the moment. I wear the proud badge of the company man. I do my damn job, and am happy in my work. I grope for the band-aid stuff as the blood oozes from a penetrating abrasion and in laymans' terms a burst epidermal area, caused by excesive internal pressure. I log in , I log out. "That which does not kill us makes us stranger". The secret which delights an entity destroys it utterly. Example: The beauty of the analog imagery reproduction provided by the Betacam format (not Beta, Betacam; a method which utilizes the recording of the Y (monochrome or black & white) portion of the image and the Red-Y and Blue-Y (color) portions all separately, so as to reduce noise, etc.. to extremely low levels) is extreme, as is the mysteriosity of the format, what with its CTDM (Compressed Time Division Multiplex?) scheme and all, until one realizes that behind the beauty, the holiness of the mysteriosity of the system vanishes as one realizes that CTDM merely means that the R-Y and B-Y components are separately clocked into a delay line (actually 4 lines) and read out at doublespeed, producing an encoded signal that is recorded by a second set of video heads (the first set record the Y signal), thereby providing the means to eliminate the common problem of composite video recording and the fact of life that the 3.579545 MHz chroma subcarrier is basically right in the middle of the desired luminance bandwidth, giving rise to all sorts of schemes from traps to comb filters, in an effort to make a video standard which was developed in the 1940's remain compatible (to this day) with "modern" end user (consumer) equipment. I hate the term "consumer" It implies that the "consumer" does not produce anything, but only "consumes". In reality, the "consumer" is solely responsible for PAYING the full retail price of the establishment of TV, Radio, etc.. ad nauseam. the sounds in my head have started again. Good. it helps me focus. I can hear the empty wind punishing the grass. I wake in paradise, but that is another vector. The ripping fang broods over the hot needle of inquiry: bring the scallion to me! Ok, sleep. it's not like some whacky cartoon is going to invade your brain or anything.. to quote: "Welcome, starfighter, why call the Borg a slacker? Get ready to be scared to death!". There will be more. Sweet kitties warm and snug in their beds on a winter's night. a relief from the stresses of constant machinations which howl down upon the psyche in the continuous mode. The contrived inkblots all look like thingies. Twice in one night.