[Bleeding hand after exploring the inside of the monitor stare]
[just plain drunk stare]

[The "I can't believe I just got a 'C' in Chem." stare]
[the "I just got doughpopped with a wet fish" stare]

[the just plain stupid stare] (only slightly different from the just plain drunk stare only the breath isn't as bad)

[The elated "I didn't get a "C" in Chem., I got a "B"!" stare]
[Ed McMahon just pulled in the driveway stare]

Lookin at the mad guys in DC stare
[natural blonde stare]
[defensive stare]
Franki Stare.
Reverse summersalt with a twist of lemon stare.
[The Oh Sh*t I lost the manual stare at the monitor.]
(they're all staring at me) .....
[sexy stare]
GEeezzzzzzzzzzz stare
[Cuss a damn technical manual author stare]
[AT&T PC Customer assistance ="$150/hour over the phone
& whats your visa card #? 1 hour minimum." stare]
[a 1-900($5/minute) stare]
Starey,starey eyes....(humming to himself...) looking at me from here and there, watching as I climb the stair, .... (fading off into the background still humming....)
A mousey stare.
[A Slapped in the face cause you stare too much] slap.
[a ratty stare]
A THIS HOUSE SMELLS FUNNY stare from your wife
[a "I don't care" stare]
I'm tired of stareing stare.
Starey Claus
[a "I dont believe in Santa" stare]
[thighmaster stare]
[a crotch-shot stare]
useless HelpFile stare
[Cher's aerobic video stare]
[Just found the GremCit toilet helpfile] stare...
[Night of the living dead users group stare]
[Night of the living dead users group stare]
The[Type .h toilet on a GremCit] stare at Robin Starveling...
[mono. stare] {cough} {cough}
[general stare.]
[blonde roper stare]
[PPE is still around stare]
[the I can't beliewe Wash Out finally said something intelligent stare]
[The UT will rise again stare]
[The I expected as much stare]
[licking fingers at KFC stare]
[got my hand stuck in the garbage disposal stare] :o
[prehistoric caveman grunt stare]
[same thing stare]
[The I have no life and have to come up with real stupid comments stare]
[The I only got 5 of the numbers in the Texas Lotto.. I missed the 6th by 1 stare]
[ The I-can't-believe-they're-that fu*king-stupid stare]
[a "Say No Do Trugs" stare]
[X rated stare]
[Why the HELL is everybody staring stare]
[the don't get your hopes up stare]
[the well... hell can freeze over stare]

[the I just deleted every message from "Backward" and "Wash Out" stare]
followed by the
[satisfied with a job well done grin]

[Because we want to stare stare at the stupid mongrel stare.]
[the White Zinfandel is HOT! :( stare]
[Yes....I am STILL around stare]
[Stare at the stupid purple peeter eater dude who answers non-existant questions stare]
[sultry glance]
[ sultry stare ;) ]
(spiral stair)
[Could you repeat the question stare]
[Staring back at the stupid person stare There was no question in the first place stare!!!!]
[Staring at prepubescent users answering non-existant questions stare]
[stare at what question? stare]
[the I got my nose stuck in my zipper again stare]
[the I got my tongue stuck to a frozen piece of metal stare]

[the someone just put smelling salts under my nose stare]
[the I smell Gal's perfume stare]

[the i'm thinking with my beer stare]
[Beer mug is empty, eh? stare]
[the is that a dead frog in your beer mug stare]
[the "last call" stare] of DISBELIEF
[stare at what question? stare]
[insulting stare]
[by popular demand stare]
unwelcome stare
[She's cute stare]
[a statutory stare]
[a arresting stare]
Godlike-megababes at Austin Gym stare
[Ow...That knee in my crotch really hurts stare into infinity]
stare-way to heaven
[a toy-ish stare]
Up stare, down stare, Fred-o-stare, Can we star a diffrent game now stare?
[a different stare]
no sense of humor stare
bad sense of humor stare..
Sense of bad stare humor...
[humorous stare]
Stare as usual stare...
stare at the perception of reality.
[Shaking head positively stare]
[a hockey mask stare] (at his new STIHL chainsaw!)
Take it to another room!!!!! stare
These stares ARE collectibles stare.
The "YOU BOUGHT A WHAT?!" stare that your wife gives you, evaporating the joy you had previously. !*) (Pirate smiley face) ...............