recent civilization R E C E N T C I V I L I Z A T I O N

welcome to this, spectacle of spectacle the show you are about to see is capable of producing severe realization of the real thing. You will experience provoking string variables, flying as a raw screamer 5 cm. above the ground, magnificent displays of the most blazing nature spilling over to color grey shades of thought, implosion with highly charged matters!!! , supersonic bionic sarcasm, vengefull lice ridden monkeys, gaseous discharges, life seen on a love dog vision monitor!! Not to mention the face of the most recently civilized. the hammerblows of reality implode the death images!!! NO MORE T.V.!!!! together we shall explore the limits of our own mental real estate shielded all the while by the method which is ours.

H E A R N O W T H E H E R E N O W !!!!!!!!

" yawning mouths proclaim the truth " In porcelain the cracks of age show dimly as the insulation fails prepare now for this extravaganza of pre-ionization !! have and share your own ball bearing pie!! Oh yes, I forgot to mention the mouths of stone which loll and bob above the crowds

BezelBob (you know-- the guy that makes those cool front panels..)