How did messeur like the "peppered ostrich au vaxen"? Delightful! I reply, after wolfing down the $4995 license. Mon ami, wax not the beans, lest your instument grow cold and wet, rather behold the cusp of the instance, glorious in its own vectored manner. for I beseech you not, but exhort you unto new device timeouts. %-S-RUN-PROC-ID, identifiction of created process is 00000095, and we all know that perfect processes precipitate painted pinions. Let not the "T" Nfest our paisley paint lest it taint in the tank! for as sure as GutFest and the sundayular nfest, the howling down of charged CPU time will tip them off. Cats climb to sit on shoulders as egg-glassesed neogeeks ponder the codez of cablebox test chips! "only a fool would bring a redbox here" "so what if the FBI is here, sitting next to you" "It's only a 2600 meeting!" Scammers with scanners, antennae adorned with JACK (in the hot-box) heads! lawyers, coders, cellular engineers, loaders, dealers, wannabee vestibule-hangers-on! (like leaches) redheaded theives with stolen smart-dirt, Delighted to hear of a boxable fone, pity it's right in front of the federable building.. Beer and pizza, I beseech ya, h01d m3 n0t acc0untabl3 f0r m1s-geshpelling. All the better to disolve into the seething fluid between halloween and the metaclutches of the kind of mind where congress counts page faults and gesticulates madly, with high head-pressures and sweaty old pots.

and so I have spake.