As eyeglass frames SNAP the head, the contactor is replaced by the contractor, who speaks of the rotors of motors. Have a smoke? I know you don't, but a puke you will, upon the toolbox_automotive, outlandish in its location in the *dining room*. tHE ORANGE EYE OF THE DEC 874-D panel gleams ever as the toggle awaits the B position; No time for remotes! The manual act is ALL! all these things with their dynamic controls and fields and disturbances and impositions and impostings! Domesticated carnivorous predators climb the rolls of christmas paper as the fields interlace to become frames, and then - The evils of the world revolve around inexpensive DC fans! their bearings howl and gouge themselves in a fit of cold unlubricated agony. at every turn, the cats, overloaded by piles of equipment, cannot help but overturn countless tins of small hardware and *devices* unknown to the mass-99%. Only the true revellers behold with appreciation the infinite vectorology of device-ism. Once again: Sound the klaxon; Boot the Vaxen! and swap endless reality from what was C: to shining D: but is now irrelevant, in the faces of $DKB0 and VIRTUAL brother Memory. Heed the lesson of the contents of the slots of lockwashers, elsewhere referenced.

Entry command: Saving message

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