(you can stop sreaming now)
only Olhado,
metal-eyes Olhado...
Olhado knows..
knows all the codez!

perception of realization;
Olhado, the metal-eyed outcast, knows the codez..

shift to the right,
shift to the left,
0100 (oh one uh-oh)

computer love...
spend our time, tracing CONbranch lines, for the binary rendesvous, then find that the glue chips have no glue,
all lines lead to truth.. truth is binary... ....

consult the table,
my computer love,
all is ordained,
by process above.

don't let your core be a whore for the moment,
but for the long run keep users in torment!

pdp-8's and rack-mount vectorscopes,
dectapes and incandensant lamps appeal to the hope..

keeepers of the holy vectors,
paper tape pirate artists!

only through the console can your
daughter be married to
the one who will love her..
for ever and ever..

programs are the things that's real...
giving me a plastic sleeve...

only codez are true genteel
all flesh is a mockery!
./////It's more fun to compute "" "
only Olhado, spectrum eyes Olhado, plugs his brain into his master, makes his thoughts go faster.. //// Olhado 'hado,,.....