I was looking for something I wanted, then I spotted the ravioli. Many situations come with their own solutions. A man was telling his boss that excessive di/dt was the cause of the $0.50 transistor failures which were ruining the $14000 power supplies, several of which the company had already replaced for customers. The transistors could not handle a di/dt of one ampere per microsecond. The failure occurred because the transistorís state could not change quickly enough for the changing situation.

The boss told the man that it was someone elseís job to worry about the di/dt, and that the man had other work he was supposed to be doing. The problem was never resolved and the company spent $100K/year on field engineers replacing power supplies under warranty.

The management process was defective because the bossís state could not change fast enough for the changing situation.

The boss did not have enough di/dt.

To Digress:
All talk is not synchronous.
The district magistrate is a pillar of rectitude.
Call 1-900-BUG-OFF1
Call 1-800-UNIX-SUX
What goes on in the tortuous minds of women man will never know.