The internet's a great thing.. Where else can you download clean underwear right into your pants? of course, you need a good GUI to do this instantly, otherwise, you have to do it manually, one leg at time, with VMS DCL or UNIX(barf) commands..I just learned that a PDP-6 was "rescued" from a barn in Wichita, Kansas in 1988. Hell I was in Wichita in '88... too bad I didnt know where the barn was! But Noooo, I was enjoying "Arkalala", the 'Halloween' festival of native descent.. getting drunk and watching the parade.. you know, the usual; "the authority figures come first, sirens blazing and lights howling, then the local orgs, then high-school bands, etc.." type of deal.. prety cool.. I guess the whole town turns out for this thing, and "visitor" permits are assumed at local eat/drink establishments for this one day only..we went to the local 'redneck" bar.. A somewhat worn and sleazy place. I could fit right in..