Its real funny how some folks just change behavior suddenly, and the even most scientific-mined writer can't imagine why, as all they did was be seated in a complex wheeled platform and insert a small metal polygon into a pseudosexual misrepresentation of some kind of mental-orifice, and then rotate it momentarily.. An undefined herein class of peoples do not understand this phenomenon, but not to be outdone by these others, they prefer instead to ride the happy fun ball of screaming Styrofoam damnation as they grip the oh-shit-handles (of life?) in their really thrilly careen through scared air and errant data packets, out along the wireless and through fast-food drivethroughs. Their ever-tilting heads, going "mee too, mee too; wheee!" (do they need a clue? A book of clues? Clues on audio cassettes?) Crazy life envelops all as the remote controls and the whiskey bottle vie for space amongst the scraps of notes and superconducting wire, old camera lenses, and a bottle of generic brand Ny-Quil in front of the rackmounted power supplies on the table, between the twin towrs of the holy MicroVAX 3300 and R215F. Where can I put the coke can or the Lysol spray or the ashtray? What about the large capacitor? What about the neighbors and their miller lite bottles they throw in my yard, having no respect for themselves or anyone else.. what about the grass which grows high and green even now, its sweet smell choking the unfortunate allergized souls nearly to death? The answer: "ping-o-death" yes, thats right, you ping some ol' Internet address (octet) in this manner "ping /15001". yes their ip stack may well crash. Heh. Unless they have put in place the patch - the pirate eye-patch! Avast ye veeblefesters and keelhaul the gunwales! Party at five on the poopdeck! Drunken lesbians playing "twister".. they play rough too! They grab things and they are mean! I halt.

From [Most Cruftily Bombastic]
It is not so much the understaning of a whole document, but the convolutions represented therein, in which lies the true path.