She's going to back off the story,
but that's not kate's problem..
She's so American.
Always based her problems on facts.
Getting sick need not be disabling, need to be forever... But beware all those voices which say "buy this, do that, you will never be sick again"...

A conceptual shift to an acute bacterial pneumonia:
scammers scan their frequencies,
as cats grow in hissiness ,
and dogs growl false businesslike.

Again the AI is confused.
You see, it couldn't do the job because it was overwhelmed. the di/dt was too great.

Corollary; treatment happens from outside, healing happens from inside.

everything must go now! pool tables $500! recreational refectory whorehouse! integrity. fairness. respect. idle words when you're buying election results! barbarian fires surround warriors new who cannot do this any more. plants rustle with unseen claws. quickness lies not in being strong but in the use of strength.