# 13108 of 13109 Monday 97Jan06 21:25:02 PM From [SwapFile] Vaxocentric [Ruled] "The Evening News"

See the world through the special eyes of gaseous weasels, as worlds rise and fall and vagrants prespire vomiting atomic bile while gelaitn drips from the 1953 blueberry pie stained wall onto the decomposed linoleum just out of sight.

Lock the tracking and focus servos on the spiral of pits impressed in the cheap imitation of the master's work.

News of superficial wounds faked by those who, in essence, "do alot of work for the state".

That request was denied, as spaghetti-o's serve to lubricate tubular objectives and key performance indicators, with possible drug possession charges.

Let it be as a hooting owl pointing at the placard indicating a socially unacceptable activity.

Join the 940 trash fashion and revel in manga-enhanced IRS forms with small business bombastic proclaiming the holiness of consumption: the toyotathon! Customer cash!

"..slappy ways are queer again..." New words for an old instruction set.

Win95 delays action on keypress podium access-time sounds of the nasal implication divine.

We rejoice!: wear the red castanets under the microscope!

Leaches denounce capial steps taken aback with dental tools and childhood obesity, surrounded by the swirling vortex of the battle over breasts.

A rare find is adorned with features coveted by those boasting of clever ways and the plattenspieler.

I saw files and files of taxes, as spritzers mystified couches.. "aber becklecken nicht das sofa!.."

Hacopian buys all DECstuff, while today's executives schematicise the lifting of worry lines, from ear to ear, right across the knee.

Where are the little switches? Use the knob and be sedated less than normal, in relation to hypex shapes horizontal with perception at the point and reality at the enhanced beast.

each company is now suing the other.