Sometimes it is better to breifly touch on other subjects before continuing with the next idea. There's nothing like tuning up an old HAM radio transmitter from 1950, and the pleasure of a cold Pearl beer.

"With or whithout you tomorrow will dawn, and you may be about and you may be gone" is the motto of today.

There is no time to waste as we are hurled through energetic life. Close analysis of that percieved as increasing chaos shows that such lessening of order is merely a perception caused by increasing endeavor to define chaos. There is more chaos than can be comprehended, so that as memory becomes full, there is less room for continued increase of understanding chaos. It might also be said that the universe does not become more disorderly with time, but rather the definitions become known in a more and more refined manner with experience, making the chaotic vectors more apparent. This is one reason why offspring often surpass their parents along quickly evolving vectors of technological knowledge; for example "my kid knows more about the computer than I do!", a common statement in this time, and people often say,"Things are getting crazier every day". The increasing array of what is known by the sum has become so many orders of magnitude greater than that which can be known by the one that the requisite level of understanding for optimum interactivity is achieved by fewer members of the whole.

chaotic segment with DOS overtones:
buffers replaced the Ni-Cad batteries and the power pack. funny how the life of a laptop can go.. here flying along inside this 0ld toshiba t1000 the electrons keep right on ticking. I sit here drinking.. grateful that they will serve it at all on his sunday morning. This is the "zoo" flight, though, as children wander the aisle unsupervised. I take another drink! This is really a test to see how long a full charge of the new nicads holds out on this t1000. The old batteries were of a smaller capacity than these, probably about 1.3 amp-hours or so, the new ones being a full 2. This pc uses about 1/2 amp when sitting, and 1 amp when the floppy disk, the sole storage device in this primitive model, is accessed. I proceed to the 'first class' restroom: make the flight go faster, she gave me two little bottles, saying cheerfully, buy four, get two free..anyway, we cross the sierra nevada range, a breathshaking view of a mountain range. reminds me of a large plateau of coarsely grated cheeze, only painted black and white as befitting the rock and snow. Surely this grated-cheeze-image would grate our simple vehicle instantly to shrapnel, if touched by it. We have been descending now for a while, I can sense the change in presure, and the staff has advised that we will be enjoying the screaming of the children at 120db+ and across a most assuredly wide audio spectrum which will tax my meager annoyance control systems (think of their parents!)
Come on! Can't that brat scream any louder than that?
and surely, a higher pitch is possible?
Ahem.. heh.. let's hope not.

sitting in the toilet typing on an airplane, imagining what the head of a hard drive must feel like, whizzzing along at speeds that are high enough to at least cause serious friction issues. People with issues should not drink in public. I am conteplating that I would have liked to compile a program while here on the toilet in an airplane but it seems in my bizzarre haste to be on time that I have forgotten the library file and I can't compile shit. Oh well, there is still basic, or I could write a binary file with a hex editor, but that is really choresome.

American Airlines: do you have your claim check?

someone breathing hard on the radio...