Convenience Talk

96Feb20 23:15:20 PM From DEVICENULL.DLL
hah! 7-11 what a yoke! clerk says: give me dollar! Box or soft pack? 5 card stud! spaceley's a jerk! whiteman is the devil! The horrible eliar mohairhammer has geshpoken! wash or wax/ data or fax? pay before pumping! no alcohol sold to minors! no cigarrettes sold to minors! no concealed weapons beyond this point! The molten cheeze dispenser is behind the counter in locations south of I-30! No free cheeze! Stand away from the counter to eat that, sir! I make excuses to be with her! Let her put in her own light bulbs! 5 card stud! (leave them alone to get a rise out of them!)
"May your lighter, when struck, contact the end of your cigarrette and bump it into your cold sore.."
Damn! the curses are getting complicated these days..

molten cheez dispenser?!
It's real. right next to the molten chili dispenser. Once I was going to use the molten cheese dispenser to pump up my bean and cheese burrito. it seemed hard to push the plunger down, and then the end of the nozzle popped off and I got hosed with 157 degree molten cheese food substitute. I smelled like cheese all day at work.