On the debate as to the significance of 3on's multitudinous but empty-of-meaning posts:

what the hell is this crap? Oh, uhhh, yeah, I remember. as to 3on's posts, I cast a null vote. this is not because i don't care but rather because I usually just don't give a shit about it. I believe that the system_manager has the correct opinion at all times, and so I have spoken. This is not due to any loyalty, but rather it is the realization that the sysmgr is the
*central scrutinizer*
when viewed from the still center of the howling vortex of this instance. In all cases of benign use of system_resources, the sysmgr is always right. Of course, if one wished to hack and trash the file structure, then this ideology is a moot point. no-hum no-hum, when I press the special keys, it plays a little melody. to illustrate: the SMPS (todays nomencalture, retroactively applied) squeals a hellish tune while greed (the devil's instrument, played like a bagpipe) osmotes to permeate vectors relating to achievement of rank in bbs_stat_file listings, i.e. 300 some odd posings (postings?). If nothing else 3on has posted, rather than lurked. A desirable quality, if not for the fact that quantity dilutes the available source material. such can be said for the volumes of nearly useless crap programs that dominate uploads whenever ratios are enforced (gee, I can upload all these XT games.. 450K of them..) < that says "my computer"? )

from [Dr.] 3on [the Night Tripper] Alright who cut the cheese in the lobby?

From DEVICENULL.DLL Bell, it tickles me WHILE WISHING to refrain FROM bikeING aLmosT Cool, a tRout hourLY windS past clatter. PinHead, what is the radius of the tip? (in angstroms, please) Or there was a guy that shot up and everyone said he was a pinhead. What object to link?

From [Dr.] 3on [GYN] GYN exams free of charge, leave name and number at the tone.......(Beep)

From bunghole [Cornholio] Hey everyone! there is a new guy in Negactivites named Mr.Wierdo. Just signed on today. Wanna make his life real rough??

From [Dr.] 3on [GYN] I would reather see your life become a lttle more miserable first....

From bunghole [Cornholio] My life already is miserable.

From [Dr.] 3on [the Night Tripper] Alright who cut the cheese in the lobby?

From [MR.] hactrn [The ITS Debugger] BUNGHOLE is starting to sound like Marvin the depressed robot.

From [Cornholio] So what.